The Best Healthcare is Self-Care

It is human nature to want to be informed. There are several habits we all have which are targeted at keeping us abreast of our status. For example: you probably check your bank account online frequently, if not daily.  We go to work every day and manage a list of tasks to ensure job responsibilities are fulfilled.  We purchase insurance with certain limits not only to protect our assets in case of an accident, but also to price compare between companies ensuring that our money is being used wisely. We do all these things in hopes of leading the most efficient life possible and these same habits can extend to your personal health records management.

Yes we’re talking about healthcare and essentially your health, but why shouldn’t you want to know what’s happening to the most important person in this scenario: You.

With so many things out of your control, becoming accountable for your health only adds to the feeling of managing the controllable elements of our lives. So how do you take control of your healthcare? Here are some tips:

  • Make your doctor identify you – Nothing to revolutionary here, when a person knows something besides your age, sex and weight they could tend to care a bit more what happens to you. Talk about your kids, work or a hobby anything to make your doctor pay more attention to you. Like we say, “drIDme (doctor ID me)”.
  • Get educated about your health – You know if you are overweight, don’t exercise and smoke. During a general check-up the doctor should mention these things; the key is how you guide this conversation. Be honest and don’t shy away from an uncomfortable discussion as it may save your life.
  • This is YOU that we’re talking about – Know the diseases that you are at risk for and ask for help in preventing certain ailments to avoid damage control in the future. At drIDme, we are champions of preventative health rather than disease control.

Of course when it comes to your health, health-care and all situations in life, things happen. However, knowledge is power and knowing is really half the battle. Because of this simple philosophy, here at drIDme we believe that the best healthcare is self-care. Exerting control over life’s controllable aspects gives us power to shape the future; and that ability is worth its weight in gold.

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