The Best Healthcare is Selfcare

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“Every Human Being Is The Author of His Own Health or Disease” – Swami Sivananda

Health care has changed and unfortunately remains unpredictable. drIDme has committed to give you the power and resources to manage your healthcare despite these changes. We have specifically designed a Personal Healthcare Record platform affectionately name MIRANDA to assist you.

With MIRANDA you will have the resources to take full ownership of your health and the healthcare of your family. Whether it is managing a chronic disease, assisting your medical team, protecting your family, or understanding your health, MIRANDA will easily allow you to view, download, and transmit important health information in one secure and safe location.

How it works

Customer Stories

Battling heart disease, I have multiple physicians that I rely on to manage my health. Unfortunately, they are a part of three different hospital systems that fail to easily exchange my personal health information. This is where MIRANDA allows me the opportunity to securely communicate with my medical team and send important information to reduce cost, time, and redundancy.

I’m healthy so managing my healthcare isn’t about managing a disease. For me, it’s about understanding how I’m trending from my past biometric data until now. MIRANDA’s dash boards allow me to view my medical data from doctor’s visits and my wearable devices all in one easily accessible location that can be accessed on my favorite devices.

As a mother of four children under the age of 11 years old, it can be tough keeping up with all the medical information. From different allergies, immunizations, yearly physicals, sports injuries, and being able to provide their doctors with detail information on their medical history, MIRANDA allows me to manage, view, and transmit, all the information in one location.

I chose drIDme’s MIRANDA because I relocated several times for my job and my medical information was all over the place. With this platform, I was able to request my medical information from all of my previous doctors and pull them into my MIRANDA account.

Get Powerful Insight Into Your Health

Find out how to make better decisions to improve your health life. We’ll show you what’s impacting your health, what’s driving your healthcare cost, and how your health compares to your peers.

Get Your Medical Records with Monitoring

We believe it’s a consumer’s right to access all their health information. Get your health information and manage your health with MIRANDA.

Manage Your Medical Records in One Place

Miranda automatically pulls your medical information so you always have the most updated health so you can take control of your health with ease.

See How Your Health Measure Up Overtime

MIRANDA’s dashboards make it easy to see how you’ve improved your overall health picture. Every day you can track your biometric data, physical activity, and manage your overall health from any device.

Safe and Secure

At drIDme, your privacy is important to us. We use industry standard encryption methods and our security and approved and certified by ONC and Drummond.

Communicate with Care Providers

Securely communicate with your healthcare team utilizing a robust HIPPAA compliant and ONC Certified form of Health Information Exchange. It looks and acts like your regular email but with the protection and privacy you need to coordinate care.

About us

We are passionate about you. In an industry where a lack of resources to manage your healthcare have not been easily accessible, drIDme has been committed to providing you the necessary resources to become the author of your own health. We are determined to make managing your health and the health of your family simple and more importantly less stressful.

In 2008, drIDme was founded by two Pharmaceutical Industry professionals that had one simple philosophy in mind, “The Best Healthcare is Selfcare”. Our passion has fueled us to continue to think about the patient healthcare needs and provide relevant real time resources leveraging industry leading technology and data.

We encourage you to join us on this journey as we disrupt the current healthcare model through innovation and provide you with the resources, not only to manage your healthcare, but help you live a healthier life.

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