• Leveraging Employer Medical Data to Mitigate Healthcare Cost

    drIDme Provides and Analyzes Aggregate Employee Medical Data. Different from once a year biometric screening or claims data, the data we provide is frequent and timely allowing for actionable insights so you can make strategic decisions.

We are committed to providing employees with complete access to their personal health information. Beyond the collection of data, we provide detailed clinical and social based analytics to not only improve health services but outcomes at an individual and population level.


Capturing Employee Medical Data


Identifying Population Health Concerns


Partnering with your Health and Wellness Team to Customize a Health and Wellness Plan


Providing Metrology on the Value of the Health and Wellness Plan Implemented

Who We Serve


Providing resources for individuals to manage their healthcare and engage their health team all in one location on their favorite device.


Providing unique population health insights to maximize employer outcomes to increase the health of its population while reducing overall healthcare cost.


Assist Health care providers with patient engagement, patient compliance, and long term individualized health interventions for each patient under their care.

Heath Plans

Supporting healthcare trends, insurance institutions, and brokers to provide Health Plans developed from valuable health data insights.

Government Programs

Leveraging health data and predictive analytics to engage Medicare and Medicaid members and drive behavioral change.



Provides Medical Record Aggregation, Integrative Technologies, and Application Connectivity Seamlessly delivers Medical Record Aggregation, Data Interoperability, Integrative Technologies, Mobile Devices, and Application Connectivity


Personal Healthcare Record Account to manage all personal health information in one location.

Clinical Diagnose Profile

Using historical medical record data to create predictors for the long term view of the patient sequence interpretation to improve long term outcomes

Health Care Analysis Composite

A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Focusing on Weight / Blood Pressure / Lipid Levels / Glucose Levels to create a cause of effect based on the somatic relationship over a period of time.

Patient Account Aggregation

Using demographic, disease, gender and various indicators to create user case through data mining

Predictive Analysis Models

We use data mining and probability to forecast employer medical outcomes. Each one of our models are made of a number of predictive data markers, which are variables that are likely to influence future healthcare results.

Evaluation Outcome Models

One of the most important values of our process is evaluating program outcomes and effectiveness. We place a high priority focus on measuring the effects of program activities in the target population by assessing the progress of outcomes objectives that implemented programs are intended to achieve.

Comprehensive Medical Record (CMR)

Insights are developed through a multidimensional view of a population’s health data that focuses on understanding historical, current, and future employee health footprints and interactions. drIDme’s Comprehensive Medical Record provides this vantage point for each employer leveraging advanced analytics and reporting designed to maximize employee engagement and employer specific outcomes.

About Us

drIDme was founded in 2008 by two Pharmaceutical Industry professionals. The unique experience of working with physicians to provide medications that would ultimately shift the health outcomes of patients was nothing less than rewarding. But it didn’t come easy. Our health environment is complex and to be effective it was imperative to harness a triangle view point based on the pharmaceutical company, the physician and the patient. And let’s face it, no matter how efficacious the product, no matter how great the physician, THE PATIENT is at the cornerstone of our health ecosystem. That premise of thought drove one simple philosophy; “The Best Healthcare is SelfCare”.

With over 25 years of medical experience the spirit of drIDme, pronounced (doctor-ID-me), is bottom up as opposed to a top down approach. It has become our life’s work to develop technologies and solutions that benefit the individual without the compromise of putting them FIRST. In our current Health Information and Technology environment, the bulk of technology is within the walls of the castle and will not move beyond the moat. For populations to reach beneficial health outcomes it is imperative that the individual, who is responsible for his or her healthcare, have a seat at the table.

Where an individual, equipped with the right knowledge will have the necessary resources and information to engage in a meaningful two-way dialogue with case managers and providers alike. From ease of use tools where data is driven directly from their medical record to the individual platform where beneficiaries have continued access and insights into their personal health measurements. Our passion to increase healthcare around the world motivates us to partner with Employers, Wellness, Healthcare Institutions, and Insurance Organizations. Utilizing the most comprehensive medical data and analysis that our platform provides, we work to give important and actionable insights to all stakeholders involved. Let’s work together.

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