The Best Healthcare is Selfcare

  • Set-up Your account

    Set-up Your account

    • Assess your Health
    • Give us permission to retrieve your health records
  • Let drIDme Work for You

    Let drIDme Work for You

    • We request your records
    • Medical records stored in your account
  • Manage Your Health

    Manage Your Health

    • Access to your medical information all in one place
    • Selfcare
  • Access your family‚Äôs medical information in one location more
  • Manage a
    Chronic Disease
  • Control access
    to your
    medical information
  • Be prepared in
    an emergency
  • Manage your lifestyle change more

drIDme does all the work in retrieving your medical records and makes managing your Health Care simple. We collect your medical information for you rather than having to deal with the hassle of downloading and collecting documents on your own.

With drIDme, manage your health care to live longer and healthier by taking control of your health care and ensure healthcare professionals care for you based on your individual needs and health history.

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